Why now is the time to think about future productivity?

The current crisis has placed intense pressure on companies as they strive to maintain (and even grow) production amidst social distancing and lockdowns.

This global crisis is challenging businesses of all types, who now need to quickly adapt and future proof solutions.  In the specific case of Food and Beverage Manufacturers- the addition of automation, IoT and lights-out manufacturing can help companies, individuals and the economy from downtime in a high demand time.

The Impact of COVID-19

With “non-essential” businesses shutting their doors (temporarily we hope) and our nations key workers hard at work in our essential businesses are inevitably seeing some pressure on the national and international supply chains with a reduction of human input.

Essential industries such as freight and transportation cannot yet be automated in the way some production facilities can. They rely on key workers going out to work every day to keep our fridges & kitchen cupboards stocked. Efficiencies have been found through-out this crisis however, in that some passenger planes have been redeployed to support global supply chain and there are factories researching new ways to improve productivity.

Why the time to invest is now?

It may seem rash as a business to start considering an investment in software, or consultancy to support implementations of new systems, processes or facilities right now, or is it?

We believe the impact and effects of COVID-19 will drive companies today and well into the future to think and act differently. When demand increases, automated processes, capacity planning with efficient business reporting may be the perfect solution. A solution such as IFS Applications™ will provide increased productivity while creating process efficiencies and if implemented & optimised correctly drive a significant return on investment and competitive advantage whilst the competition are just getting back on their feet.

In the current climate, lights-out solutions will be the goal for many companies, with thoughts of “human-less” production lines & automated quality management. This level of automation may be too “futuristic” for the short to medium term and will require significant design, trialling and capital investment to make any impact on the bottom line.

Companies taking the steps to automate some manual processes however, as well as enhance and improve their current automated design process, will help prepare for future shutdowns and crisis situations as well as gaining competitive advantage.

The importance of the human element of our businesses coupled with enhanced process automation, improved management information and new technologies such as IoT and Machine Led Manufacturing etc. will future proof businesses to emerge on the other side of the pandemic with a bright future.

Clear opportunities are available by using an efficient ERP solution improving quality, safety, tracking and traceability to name but a few. With modern society demanding a reduction in wasteful manufacturing processes and ethical product traceability in our supply chains, now really is the time to be taking advantage of all that IFS software can offer to optimise your business process.

Now more than ever, production and manufacturing companies should be looking closely at what technology is available to them, and for good reason.

How Mitec can help,

Mitec Consulting delivers outcome-focused services to help your business navigate your ERP to realise its undiscovered potential and in these challenging times, any undiscovered value is a bit like sitting on a pot of gold! Great if you know it’s there, useless if you don’t!

We believe our clients deserve a partner to support and deliver the needs of our core customer base in the Process of Manufacturing industries.

That’s why all Mitec projects and services include a clear set of deliverables with actionable advice, including a path to what the return on investment will look and how it can be delivered. We tie ourselves to your strategic objectives and desired outcomes and stay with you throughout the journey to make sure you get the service and value as promised.

Our emphasis on user engagement and client enablement is critical to the success of all Mitec services and we understand the need for the right balance of Functional or Technical expertise. In-depth application knowledge, industry experience and engagement with the business is critical to the successful adoption of your ERP at any stage of your journey. So in times where we cannot be physically in front of our customers in a workshop, we have developed alternative productive remote workshop solutions to ensure our delivery isn’t compromised.

The food and beverage industry is perpetually developing in terms of consumer choice, with increasing demand for high quality fresh, chilled and frozen products and the need to continuously innovate.

Major retailers, together with food service, have an enormous influence on the food and beverage market. Increasing regulations on traceability, clean labelling, the need to reduce salt and fats as well as production costs and lead times, require the food industry to be more flexible today than it ever has been.

Whether you are struggling with to deal with the retailers, keep up with regulations or simply trying to take the business away from spreadsheet proliferation to build a more cohesive organisation, IFS has the software solution for you and Mitec are best placed to deliver a faster return on your ERP investment with our deep understanding of your businesses landscape

If your business is interested in how Mitec or IFS Applications™ can future proof your business – contact Mitec on 01772 278088 or email us at enquiries@mitecconsulting.co.uk for a free consultation today.

Author: Charlotte Pitcher- Managing Director