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Partnership Ethos

We believe that by partnering with both the very best software suppliers and delivery consultancies we have developed the most effective methodology for meeting the requirements of our customers. Working in partnership a successful delivery is assured and built on transparency and trust, whilst working closely with our customers to deliver a real return on investment from your ERP.

IFS Silver Partners

Mitec Consulting Ltd is an official Reseller and Delivery Partner of IFS Applications™ Software for the UK and Republic of Ireland territory. We have been trusted IFS Partners since 2012 and gained Silver Status in 2017 for our quality of service, customer satisfaction and internal capabilities in our Certified consultants.

Our team of dedicated Certified IFS Applications™ experts deliver IFS Applications™ Software Implementations, on Premise or in the Cloud, Software Upgrades, Continuous Improvement and Support Services to customers as a trusted partner through the life of their ERP journey.

At Mitec, we know the importance of being recognised as an expert, so to deliver the very best possible solution for our customers we prioritise our Consultants continued professional development in IFS Applications™ through certification in the IFS Academy™.

Our continued professional growth within IFS Applications is our commitment to our customers to ensure we’re developing or implementing the most future proof solutions.
To learn more about the IFS Academy certification process please visit: https://www.ifs.com/uk/resources/academy

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DSI Global

Businesses who leverage supply chain data effectively can develop a strong competitive edge in the digital economy. Add DSI’s mobile-first “Apps” and cloud-based solutions to your IFS Application and outperform the competition with real-time inventory visibility anytime, anywhere! Deploy on-premise or in the cloud to capture, share, analyse and act on inventory from any mobile device. DSI in partnership with Mitec Consulting can help you extend your business capabilities with flexible solutions that meet your challenges unique to your business.

Mitec and DSI have built a strategic partnership bringing added value and return on investment to customers and their businesses. Our partners share the goal of improved customer efficiency and together we offer the end-to-end solutions that companies need to effectively mobilise supply chains.

IFS Applications and ScanWorks:

Unlock the power of your IFS Applications and optimise your IFS Applications’ mobile performance with real-time, accurate data collection using ScanWorks. “Work Smart” productivity bundles in ScanWorks support a wide variety of transactions standard for all IFS Apps versions. Using the productivity bundles or stand-alone transactions, companies can logically combine and simplify process steps and speed up transactions to significantly boost worker productivity.

  • Timely data capture
  • Increase quality control
  • Increase inventory visibility
  • Streamline data entry process
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Improve order fulfilment accuracy
  • Increase customer satisfaction

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