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Business ERP Adoption

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We are passionate about helping our customers maximise value from their ERP investment. We take an innovative approach, working closely with our clients, colleagues and partners, staying focused on developing the right solutions together. Whether it’s a small process area you require reviewing, a full ERP implementation or your users require training Mitec can lead you through this journey using our creative and holistic approach.

At Mitec we believe there are three core essentials to gaining value from an ERP Application.

  1. A successful ERP implementation programme
  2. Maintained and efficient business process planning
  3. Educated and Engaged Userbase.

Unlike most ERP Consultancies, Mitec does not just focus on one of these core areas, instead we have tailored all of our services to support all three to help your business navigate your ERP.

Our Values


We are expert consultants in maximising value from ERP. We are always professional and act with our clients’ best interests at heart. We act with professional integrity focusing on developing the best solution for our customers, developing ourselves and others to be the best we can be.


Because of our expertise and passion, we imagine and create innovative solutions to our clients’ problems. We do this by being agile to all customers’ needs and focusing on the quality of the solution, which we design and execute creatively.


We take pride in working closely with our customers to understand them and deliver what they need. We work collaboratively with each other to leverage and develop each other’s skills, so we are a high performing team. Our partners are an extension of our team. We are always looking to strengthen our relationships.

Outcome Driven

We are all about delivering and maximising the value our clients get from their ERP investment. We don’t do things for the sake of it. We are pragmatic, staying focused on delivering the most effective outcome for them. If we do this, we build trust and our reputation.