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In any ERP Solution, Securities and Permissions can be difficult to manage.

Without effective management or configuration your business can face a real security risk.

Having a large Userbase and complex functionality can mean developing a framework for your security policies in your ERP can be an intricate and time-consuming process.

Mitec Consulting offer a securities service which enables customers to take back control of their Securities and manage these in house.

The desired outcome for most clients of this service is to get a better understanding of how their current securities configuration is set up and is performing against industry standards.

How does it work?

A Mitec Consultant will be assigned to work in partnership with your business leadership and userbase to deliver a defined framework of recommendations:

Our four-stage process includes:

  1. Audit – Our consultant Audits the existing security model or your security requirements for your new ERP solution.
  2. Report- We develop a report of our audit findings & recommendations.
  3. Framework -We will provide you with the guidelines to be able to implement our recommendations including sample profiles etc…
  4. Training Material- Our service includes step by step guides on how to implement the framework of recommendations or to be used as a reference for future development.

What can you expect?

  • Experienced consultant to work in partnership with your business
  • Detailed interviewing and pre-audit preparation
  • An easy to read but detailed report along with detailed recommendations.
  • Easy access and support to the Mitec Consultant throughout the process and for a defined period thereafter for any queries.