Process Improvement

As a business evolves, so should your underlying processes configured to your ERP solution.

The Mitec ERP Journey

Business ERP Adoption

  • Project Management
  • ERP Training Design
  • Process Documentation
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Whether you have had your ERP in situ for years or months, you will have experienced a period of stabilisation and potentially reassessment of business priority.

Mitec works with our customers to assess how a key process (or processes) are functioning but also whether that process is fit for their business requirements as your organisation grows.

The desired outcome for most customers is to get a better understanding of how their users are interacting & whether the process is optimal for their business using their chosen ERP Application.

How does it work?

A Mitec Consultant will be assigned to work in partnership with your business leadership and userbase to deliver a roadmap for tangible business improvement:

Our four-stage process includes:

  1. Business & Process familiarisation
  2. Key user or process owner interview and shadowing
  3. Exec Report including: Process review findings, Process RAG report, recommendations & quotes
  4. Presentation of findings & recommendations

What can you expect?

  • Experienced business or Application consultant to work in partnership with your business
  • Detailed interviewing and pre-audit preparation
  • An easy to read but detailed process improvement proposal along with detailed recommendations and expected ROI.
  • Easy access and support to the Mitec Consultant throughout the process review and for a defined period thereafter for any queries.
  • Detailed advise on the best outcome recommended.