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Mitec Consulting believe that a properly engaged and trained userbase is one of the key components to getting return on your ERP investment

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Your ERP Application is a valuable resource for your business but also if not correctly adopted by your users it can be an expensive “IT System”.

With a well-trained and engaged user base your ERP can make a significant impact on your company’s future.

Properly training your users with both best practice and functional training for your ERP will help assure that all of its value is fully realised for your company for the years to come.

What if we’ve been using our ERP for years?

Its never too late to consider formal training with Mitec Consulting.

What if your employees have been figuring it out as they go?

We recommend you establish what gaps your users have in their knowledge and ensure they’re working to best practice for your ERP solution to improve efficiency and accuracy within your application.

What if you’re just about to embark on your implementation programme?

This is the perfect time to factor a training programme and budget to ensure your implementation plans to ensure your business gets maximum benefit from your ERP.

Mitec Consulting offer tailored ERP Training programmes in line with your business needs to delivery training for clients with users bases of all size.

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