General User Introduction to IFS Applications™


General User Introduction to IFS Applications™ is a 1-day training course aimed at users of IFS Applications™ to learn how the basics of IFS.

The course is designed to provide a consistent platform of training for both new or existing users of IFS Applications™, whether they’ve never seen IFS previously or they have been using the system for years.

Training Environment

The training courses are a mixture of DEMO and Hands on training to enable complete delegate engagement.

Mitec can offer General User Introduction to IFS Applications either on site at your company or hosted at IFS UK, High Wycombe.


IFS Applications 8™

IFS Applications 9™

IFS Applications 10™

Sample Agenda

  • Explain the IFS component-based architecture
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the IFS Applications™ windows and web clients, including navigation, menus, tools, options, updating and extracting data
  • Configure Screens and Portals
  • Use Online Help and Documentation
  • Point out the strengths of IFS Applications™ interface
  • To be able to understand the basics of Reporting in IFS Applications™
  • To be aware of the Reporting Options available
  • To be able to create a simple Quick Report