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Mitec Consulting believes in effective knowledge transfer to enable users to engage effectively with IFS Applications™.

Floor Walking is a training method where a qualified Mitec Consultant Trainer will spend time at your business and literally Walk the Floor responding to individual queries, problems, tasks and work-related issues from members of your user community.

Typically, Floor Walking is popular during or after application software or an operating system upgrade to make transition to a new system smooth, or immediately after taking a training course to help those who have difficulty applying the new skills to their everyday tasks.

Some benefits of floor walking are:

  • Minimal disruption to office routine, particularly if users cannot be released from their daily duties for long periods of time
  • Efficient, as employees receive individual support
  • Real time problem solving, as staff receive immediate answers to real-life IFS queries
  • Confidence booster, as workers know that expert is on hand to assist with any query
  • Minimal impact on help desk, as it releases them from unnecessary calls and e-mails from personnel
  • Cost-effective way to train as it requires less resource and relies more heavily on internal Super User training delivery.

Training Materials Development

Documenting your solution throughout your implementation process is one of the most time-consuming tasks for your project teams. Mitec can assist in taking away this pain to allow your functional leaders or SME’s to focus on the development of IFS Applications™ and driving your business forward to a successful implementation.

Our Training Material services include:

  • Quick Reference Guides
    These are useful for frequently used and simple processes and are created as double-sided A4 cards, covering the essential elements of a process and made readily available to users. They are graphically appealing and easy to follow without being too busy. If the amount of information required is too large for a single quick card, multiple quick cards can be created so information is not lost. Quick cards are designed in accordance with the client’s brand guidelines.
  • Step -by-Step Reference Guides
    Reference guides are comprehensive user guides/manuals, incorporating step-by-step business processes to ensure best practices are known and followed. Mitec Consulting develops bespoke reference guides which allow for detailed explanation of both function and process, with graphical illustrations relating to your system build. They have a table of contents for easy navigation and can be hosted online and/or provided in hard copy. Process flow diagrams are also included to demonstrate a start-to-finish process indicating to the user their role within the process. Reference guides are designed in accordance with the client’s brand guidelines.
  • E-Learning Process mapping
    • eLearning modules allow users to learn where and when they wish to, providing a permanent resource for refresher training and for training new staff. It can be a great approach for giving remote users such as field engineers access to training when required.
    • Video tutorials are passive tutorials with no user interaction and allow the demonstration of a process being completed on screen with an audio commentary attached. Mitec can create engaging video tutorials using tools such as ClickLearn or WebEx as required.
  • Train the Trainer packs
    A trainer pack is helpful in ensuring consistency of delivery, especially when there are multiple trainers assigned to a project. When developing trainer packs, we include:

    • PowerPoint slide deck – a PowerPoint presentation to kick-start the session.
    • Consolidation exercises – the classroom session will consolidate the user’s understanding of a topic through consolidation exercises.
    • Lesson plan – developed for the course and used by the trainer, ensuring consistency in the delivery. This contains timings, tips/tricks on flow and how to introduce topics.
    • Data setup – this is a list of data required for the delivery of the course.
  • Classroom delivery packs
    Classroom training is a ‘hands-on’ training session which can be led by an experienced Mitec Consulting IFS consultant or an Internal SME that allows delegates the opportunity to learn and practice in a controlled environment.
    This form of training suits new users, especially those who are experiencing high levels of change at work and remote workers who may not have a lot of support when back at their desks. Mitec develop interactive classroom sessions with real-life exercises to engage the delegates, consolidate learning and inspire them to apply the learning. We use proven techniques to facilitate the learning curve, and aid retention.
  • IFS Book of Rules maintenance
    Maintaining the IFS Book of Rules during a project is a time consuming and detailed process to ensure the successful delivery of IFS Applications™ for “Go Live” and beyond. Mitec can assist in the most appropriate development of this documentation with our IFS Certified Application Consultants who are fully trained on the IFS Implementation Methodology.